15 Self Care Tips to Keep MoM Sane

  As moms we encounter so many things on a daily basis. The meals, snacks, timeouts, rest times, homework helping, bath times, and all of the other in between moments of a day. And yes, I said, a day, meaning 1. Which some days feels like there are 879,462 other moments that need to beContinue reading “15 Self Care Tips to Keep MoM Sane”

5 Business Lessons I Learned While Shoveling Snow

So we here in Minnesota got hit hard with a blizzard last night and I did what any Minnesotan would do, and got all dressed up and went out to shovel. Dragging my boots a bit, knowing that this task is not much fun, but necessary. Feeling a little defeated because its March and springContinue reading “5 Business Lessons I Learned While Shoveling Snow”