What’s blocking your flow?

  The other day I went outside to rinse out the kitchen garbage can with the garden hose. I pulled the open end out of the coiled decorative hose box, and pulled out a few feet and turned the water spicket on. I sat there holding it waiting, and watching, and only a few dripsContinue reading “What’s blocking your flow?”

15 Self Care Tips to Keep MoM Sane

  As moms we encounter so many things on a daily basis. The meals, snacks, timeouts, rest times, homework helping, bath times, and all of the other in between moments of a day. And yes, I said, a day, meaning 1. Which some days feels like there are 879,462 other moments that need to beContinue reading “15 Self Care Tips to Keep MoM Sane”

7 Ways Competition Builds Confidence in Kids

The other day my kids decided to play their own version of the Food Network’s Chopped. When you watch the tv show, the contestants have one hour, a few key ingredients, and need to WOW you with their masterpiece. They each get judged, receive criticism both positive and negative, then await the decision on theContinue reading “7 Ways Competition Builds Confidence in Kids”

5 Business Lessons I Learned While Shoveling Snow

So we here in Minnesota got hit hard with a blizzard last night and I did what any Minnesotan would do, and got all dressed up and went out to shovel. Dragging my boots a bit, knowing that this task is not much fun, but necessary. Feeling a little defeated because its March and springContinue reading “5 Business Lessons I Learned While Shoveling Snow”